Wild Science comes to Cedars!

“I think I will have one of these at home!” and “ooo we are not going to eat him are we?” were just a few of the comments from our... View Article

Cherry Tree Pub Visit

At 101 years old, Reg is a familiar face around Cedars and a resident that everyone knows and loves. This week was a very special week for Reg, as he... View Article

Flower Arranging

Our hairdresser Leigh is a big part of our home, and as well as hairdressing she is also a very talented florist! So, with boxes full of beautiful flowers Leigh... View Article

Cedars flying club!

This week we introduced our residents to the world of virtual Flight simulators! After a brief introduction on what they would be doing by Stephen our Activites Assistant, our residents... View Article

Busy Crates!

The wellbeing of our residents is paramount to us and is something that every member of staff has an input into. Our Nurses stations at Cedars is the hub of... View Article

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