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Doris’ amazing untold secret!

There are many stories that are never told from the past and are forgotten in time, but sometimes the story reveals itself. In this case, our lovely resident Doris has been sitting on a very interesting fact about herself that she has only just mentioned…

What Doris waited until recently to mention, was that her father was the very popular Don Pelosi, a highly influential singer and songwriter in the 1930’s and 1940’s! He made his name by writing and singing catchy and authentic songs with his partner, Noel Art. Together, they worked with the most famous artists of that generation; Billy Cotton, Vera Lynn, Arthur Lowe, The Yetties and Lia Linda. At the height of his career, Don Pelosi would work with Frank Sinatra himself on a song titled The Stars Will Remember. Doris thought her father was “very talented and listening to him sing was always wonderful!”

Despite his busy work schedule, Don had “always found time for his family”, she says. Being born on 29 June 1923, Doris remembers spending some of her adolescent years singing in her parent’s café during the Second World War, along with her 3 siblings: Leonardo, Alice, and Iris. “in a way it was normal for us to all sing together and entertain, but it is very special when people get excited to hear one of your dads’ songs. It’s lovely to see the pleasure it brings even now”, she says.

Don died in 1998, but his legacy lives on through his children, who now have lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren, and Doris is very proud and happy for all of them. She still gets excited to hear her father’s songs being played on the radio, especially Wish Me Goodnight Sergeant Major, which is a classic and also Doris’ favourite!