Cedars Care Home


Meet our Hairdresser, Leigh

As you walk into the hairdressers at Cedars, with the mellow music on in the background, you can almost forget where you are. You’re no longer at Cedars Care Home, you are in a popular hairdresser on the high street, where all the locals go to catch up on the weeks gossip.

Leigh has worked at Cedars since it opened which is now nearly seven years and comes into the home twice a week. She originally started off in salons, but now works as a mobile hairdresser, giving her the flexibility to work in a variety of different environments. When asking Leigh about her job she says “This is more than just a job for me, it’s not just hairdressing, I feel part of the Cedars family when I’m here. A little while ago I couldn’t come in for a week, and I actually missed coming in to see the residents!”

Resident Rita sits down for a haircut, and Leigh turns to her and says, “Are we going for Doris Day or Marilyn Monroe today?” Rita laughs! Leigh now knows the residents, she knows their good days and their bad days, and she knows exactly what to say at the right moment. Leigh says “I know the families too, and it’s such a privilege to be welcomed in to their lives. The families join us in the salon sometimes, so it’s a real community here!”

In her spare time Leigh has her hands busy with four boys, aged 16, 23, 26 & 28 years old. She’s also a very talented florist and creates bouquets and wreaths. We were even lucky enough to have Leigh join us at the home and teach us her florist skills, in a flower arranging class – the residents loved it!