Cedars Care Home


Cedars flying club!

This week we introduced our residents to the world of virtual Flight simulators!

After a brief introduction on what they would be doing by Stephen our Activites Assistant, our residents used the controls themselves to take off, raise the landing gear and steer the airplane around Southend. The software exactly matches what the residents would see if they were on a real plane, so we could spot real points of interest, parks etc.

Resident Clive said “can I fly to Blackpool”, and to Clive this is ‘home’! He also asked if he could do a “loop the loop” which he did”, the enjoyment that you could see on Clive’s face was wonderful!
Resident Neville said, “I thought it was a really interesting experience”. He studied all the controls and enjoyed his flight. Lynne our administrator was asked by Neville if she could be his stewardess, which she of course accepted!

A couple of families who came to visit residents on the day stopped after hearing the commotion and joined Stephen and the residents to watch the experience. We’re sure this won’t be the only session we have on the flight simulator and it won’t be long before we are pros.